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Climate of Bintan

Weather & Climate

Bintan; situated on one of the many Riau Islands in Indonesia enjoys a pleasantly warm and sunny climate all-year round.

This beautiful Island is located just 45 kilometres south east of Singapore and twice is its size. The climate is serene for almost the whole year which creates a welcoming environment for visitors all over the world. Diving is one of Bintan’s most popular leisure’s and the best to take up on this activity is from April to October. Tourists should be aware that Bintan's marine population includes more than 100,000 species with snails, clams, oysters, squid and sea shells. Dolphins can also be seen regularly in the water and therefore this gives more reason to experience the waters of this beautiful island. 

Bintan is the largest region in the Riau province with an area covering 1140sq km and its coastline stretching out over 105km. Bintan is very close to the equator and experiences a tropical climate throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 21°C to 32°C and an average of 26°C. Humidity ranges from 61 to 96 percent.

The dry calm season from late March to early November is characterised by clear sunny days and calm pristine waters. While from late November to early March is generally the windier season with passing showers, with good sun throughout the day.

The period between October to March is categorised as the north monsoon season with more rainfall and stronger winds, but the weather is generally sunny all year around.

Bintan is also recognised for enjoying a seasonal maritime climate; where the summers are generally cooler than the winters. In this region the summers are not necessarily cool, but the winters can at some points however, feel warmer than the summer months, with a much smaller annual temperature range. This is because water has a much higher heat capacity than soil and rock. Seawater takes a long time to warm up in summer, but once heated it retains its energy long after the surrounding land has cooled down, helping to moderate the climate. The climate in Bintan is generally fairly humid, accompanied by considerable amounts of precipitation, since the main moisture source is not very far away.

Travellers checking into Bintan Resorts can enjoy complete peace of mind within safe holiday surroundings, allowing them to simply relax with the myriad of in-resort facilities and activities matched only by the warm Indonesian hospitality found throughout Bintan Resorts. And after a day of fascinating nature and cultural tours in Bintan’s great outdoors, guests can always look forward to returning ‘home’ to the modern comforts and convenience of their resort accommodation for a good night’s rest, before starting a new day of relaxation on the beautiful beaches.




Indonesia's currency is the Rupiah (IDR), abbreviated Rp. The Rupiah's value plummeted during the 1997 economic crisis, but has strengthened again significantly in recent years. The trailing three zeros are often abbreviated with rb (ribu, thousand) or even dropped completely, and for more expensive items you will often even see jt (juta, million).

The largest banknote is the red Rp 100,000, which may only be US$10 but is still inconveniently large for most purchases. Next in the series are Rp 50,000 (blue), Rp 20,000 (green), Rp 10,000 (purple), Rp 5,000 (brown), Rp 2,000 (gray) and finally Rp 1,000. The Rp 1,000 note is discontinued and currently being replaced with a coin.

1 Indonesian rupiah = 0.0055 Indian rupees as on 18 October 2012



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